Adoption Criteria

So you have decided you want to adopt an equine from Lost and Found Horse Rescue. Do you meet the following criteria?


  • Animal has access to safe, sturdy shelter
  • Fencing is safe, in good repair, and horse appropriate (absolutely no barbed wire permitted)
  • Animal has at least one equine companion (horse, donkey, or mule)
  • Adequate pasture area is provided
  • Good quality forage is available (either grass or quality hay)
  • Clean water is available at all times
  • Animal has free access to salt/minerals (block or loose)
  • A manure management plan is in place


  • Animals are routinely seen by a licensed veterinarian
  • A deworming program is in place
  • Hooves are regularly trimmed (6-8 weeks)
  • Animals’ coats reflect regular grooming and care
  • Animals all have appropriate Body Condition Scores